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Our EPK on Sonicbids.

Beehive Productions, Jeff Oelher's producion company, produced and mixed The Crooked Mountain. Jeff is a pleasure to work with.

Pete Seward's artwork inspired our name, "Frankenpine", as well as our visual ID. Many of his paintings have appeared on our posters.

Andy Mullen plays with us when he can and has a mountain of other projects in the works. puts on the Brooklyn County fair, at Jalopy. It is the place to go to follow the Brooklyn country scene.

Jack Lenk is the band's resident photographer. All the live shots on our site are his.

Lakeside Lounge is just a great East Village spot. We played there every month for a year and will always go back.

Jalopy Theatre is one of the coolest joints in Brooklyn: top-notch music, instruments, lessons and people.

Philipstown Depot Theatre, in Garrison, sits next to the Hudson River and stages music, plays and films.

Grand Street Recording, in Williamsburg, is where we tracked The Crooked Mountain.

Circle Strings—unique instruments handmade by Adam Buchwald. Kim plays one of his guitars.

iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and eMusic carry our music.